On Robot

In 2018, the robot Investors Enrico Krog Iversen and Vaekstfonden merged three of the world's leading robot companies (On Robot, OptoForce and Perception Robotics) into one powerful Danish-owned company.

OnRobot became the name of the ambitious project, which with its headquarters in Odense will contribute to further strengthening Denmark's leading position in the rapidly growing global market for robot equipment.

With a substantial capital injection of over DKK 100 million. OnRobot is expected to become a front runner in the development of robot applications.

The goal is to create a world-leading company within the development and production of advanced robot equipment. Through further acquisitions and international networking, we expect over a few years to generate sales of robot grippers, sensors and other equipment for more than DKK 1 billion. kr. "

- Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO in OnRobot

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Equity from VF Venture in 2018