Create it REAL takes part in fighting Covid-19 and gets support from the Innovation Fund

Create it REAL

14. april, 2020

Create it REAL is participating in fighting the coronavirus. By offering their online slicer as a freemium, it makes it easier for people holding a 3D printer to print different equipment that can help hospitals in need. Their software makes it more than twice as fast to print in 3D with the same quality as have been seen previously. They want to push this new service around the world and hope that as many as possible will take part in the fight and help their communities.

Create it REAL has figured out their way to help fighting Covid-19. Create it REAL offers software that can be used for 3D printers to print faster and better quality. Therefore, it can help boosting the productivity of 3D printer enthusiasts, also called 'makers'. Create is REAL is focusing on their technology and know-how to improve the software, and leave the printing to those makers. Thus, Create it REAL provides their online slicer service for free for makers during the time of this crisis, only if they do it in order to help for instance the hospitals in their community. This can be done by printing facemasks, protection shields, and respirator adaptors (which can allow for the use of 1 respirator to up to 8 patients).

“We have the technology to speed up the print time, this means higher production output for hundreds of thousands of makers all around the world, and an impact on millions of people. It is a question of life or death, so it was a no brainer for our team to make the technology freely available to maximize impact against covid-19.” says Jeremie Pierre Gay, Create it REAL CEO.

It is a question of life or death, so it was a no brainer for our team to make the technology freely available to maximize impact against covid-19."

Create it REAL has just received an Innobooster from the Innovation Fund that will help them pursue this new strategy and therefore, be able to reach as many people around the world as possible. Actually, they have managed to build up a new business model, which allows them to both offer their service for free for anyone who wants to take part in the fight, as well as at the same time exploiting from gaining new customers that will stay afterwards. Therefore, the hope is, to first of all, make an impact in this time of crisis, but at the same time being able to grow their customer segment.

Vaekstfonden has invested in, and been following Create it REAL on their journey.

“As professional investors, we are focused on growing the company, but we understand that impact investment can create growth. We have trust into Create it REAL's ability to support this health crisis short term while creating a return on growth long term” says Ole Kring Investment Director in Vaekstfonden’s VF Venture team.

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