Nordic Harvest raises 62 million DKK for one of Europe’s biggest vertical farms

08. april, 2020

Danish consumers are getting closer to more sustainable and local produced quality greens. Nordic Harvest has finished their first round of investments and can look forward to becoming one of the biggest vertical farms in Europe. VF Venture and the Danish Green Investment Fund have invested in and offered loans to Nordic Harvest to help them bring a sustainable food system closer to consumers.

Different plants on shelves on 14 floors, as far as the eye can see. This is what Copenhagen Markets, Northern Europe’s biggest wholesales market for food, will look like at the end of the year. This month, Nordic Harvest begins the construction of an indoor, high-tech production of locally grown greens and herbs, which offers a shorter way from harvest to consumer. Several investors have seen the big potential in this, and therefore, be a part of the first round of investments that ended at 62 million DKK.

“The world is confronted with big challenges concerning sustainability and an increase of population, therefore, we have to rethink our methods of producing food. Vertical farming can create a more sustainable food system with local production and at the same time offer higher quality and a better tasting experience than conventionally grown foods,” says Anders Riemann, CEO and founder of Nordic Harvest.

Vertical farming uses new technology to reduce the load on the resources of the earth and uses only one fraction of land areal and water resources compared to traditional production methods. CEO of Vaekstfonden, Rolf Kjærgaard, stresses that the investments in Nordic Harvest will help to secure that Denmark can still be in the forefront when it comes to producing quality foods.

“In Denmark, we grow world-class food, and we are known for our high quality. However, to create a sustainable food production we need to continuously develop and innovate. Nordic Harvest is a great example of exactly that, and therefore, we are happy to invest in them, as well as offering a loan from the Danish Green Investment Fund, and we look forward to following Nordic Harvest on their journey,” says Rolf Kjærsgaard.

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