OnRobot presenting their newest product: The robot industry flocked to Copenhagen


02. oktober, 2020

It was a sight for sore eyes when OnRobot hosted their event in Copenhagen presenting their newest product. A representative from almost every robot manufacturer was present, including ABB, KUKA, Universal Robots, Kawasaki, Yaskawa and Mitsubishi. Now workplaces can automate polishing tasks in a simple and effective matter, OnRobot revealed, and their CEO Enrico Krog Iversen states that they are expanding the production capacity to a yearly global production of 100,000 units.

The future looks very bright for the Danish company OnRobot, now expanding their factory in Odense by 1,320 square meters and scale up other locations such as Hungary. Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 there is a deep interest in automation within the global industry, and thanks to OnRobot’s products the robots of all manufacturers can complete many new tasks.

“The manufacturing industry's supply chains are now being reconsidered to a large extent, which make increased demands on automation when it should be profitable to produce in countries with higher labor costs and lesser supply of relevant labor. That is why we at OnRobot develop technologies that can automate 80-85 percent of all the typical work tasks in an ordinary factory.” Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot, told key people from the robot industry who participated in the exclusive event in Copenhagen.

OnRobot Sander is the name of their newest product, which is a robot tool to increase the competitive position within the industry. This tool is created to automate surface treatment of products, e.g. polishing and sharpening, which toils a lot of employees’ hands and shoulders nowadays. The response from manufacturers reflects this common need in the industry:

"We already receive many inquiries from manufacturers who want to automate polishing tasks, so for us as a robot supplier, OnRobot Sander is a very exciting product," says Tara Baker, Sales Channel Manager at KUKA in the UK.

This year, OnRobot's sales curves show double-digit growth rates. The product portfolio now includes 15 solutions for flexible automation with cobots of all makes.

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