The Danish Green Future Fund is now a reality: Billions are on their way to green businesses.

14. september, 2020

Today, Denmark has received a Green Future Fund that aims to secure financing for green solutions - financing that has become even more important after the Corona crisis, and that must contribute to Denmark being at the forefront of green change. Late 2019, the Future Fund was decided upon, and now the final agreement between the government and the parties behind the finance act is settled. With the framework in place, the Danish Green Future Fund can now begin to finance green companies and entrepreneurs.

Today, green companies in Denmark receive good news. The framework for the Danish Green Future Fund has fallen into place, and the fund can now begin to finance green technologies and solutions for the benefit of both climate and economy. Exactly this is more important than ever, taking the virus that has ravaged the world into consideration.

At the national level, the fund must provide venture capital to develop new technologies. We are all familiar with the Danish wind power adventure, but Denmark has many other green strengths as well, such as food technology and biotechnology. Denmark holds many exciting companies and entrepreneurs that work in the field of innovating green solutions, and with the speed of today’s technology, many more adventures with other technologies are to come. The Danish Green Future Fund will take part in actualizing these adventures. The Danish Green Future Fund can create a framework through the access to venture capital that is ideal to green entrepreneurship across industries in Denmark for the benefit of both innovation, growth and jobs.

The Danish Green Future Fund has a total capacity of DKK 25bn that is divided into four different funds; EKF (the Danish Export Credit Fund), IFU (the Investment Fund for Developing Countries), the Danish Green investment Fund and Vaekstfonden. Vaekstfonden and the Danish Green Investment Fund have been strengthened by a total of DKK 10bn.

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